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Why do I pay an additional fee?
Depending on the event we apply a small booking fee to cover our operational costs. Our fee is done by transaction rather than by ticket and is a simple 10%. This is a small charge when compared with other online ticket services. This covers things like credit card fees, banking fees and the website infrastructure. This is non-refundable.

Has my booking gone through?
After payment has gone through you will be taken to your ‘Print@Home’ ticket screen. You will need to print this and take this to the venue either as your ticket or as proof of purchase. You will also receive an email notification from us. If you do not get this please check your spam folders. You can also review all your bookings by logging into your account.

I need to print my tickets. How do I do this?
If you didn't print your Print@Home eTicket right after purchase, you can login to your account and click view on the appropriate purchase in the your Purchase History records. You will then see your Print@Home eTicket displayed for you to print.

The site doesn't seem to be working?
Sometimes different browsers react differently to the website. We try to stay on top of all the different browsers, the updates to those browsers and mobile platforms, however, we are only human. We do suggest that if the site does not appear to be working, or payments are failing to please try another web browser. We have found Mozilla Firefox to be the most reliable and stable on this site. If you continue to have issues, please contact us and we will look into it.

My payment shows 'Declined: Not captured'
This message is displayed because your payment card has been declined by the bank. You should try again but if this happens again please check with your bank and explain you are trying to purchase tickets on the internet.

Is the site secure?
Yes, our site is secure and uses SSL with 2048 bit encryption which is higher than industry standard.

Can I cancel my order?
All ticket sales are final. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Can I change my booking?
You will need to contact the venue directly. Depending on the venues policy and occupancy level this may or may not be possible.

Can I change the seats I booked?
Again, as above, you will need to contact the venue directly. Depending on the venues policy and occupancy level this may or may not be possible.

The event is not showing online?
The event organisers have either suspended selling for the time being or tickets are not yet on sale. Please try back in a couple of hours.

I have forgotten ‘My Account’ Password
On the account login screen, click ‘Want a reminder’ and we will email over your password. If you don’t get the email, please check your spam folders.

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