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Our origins date back to 1995 when the founder of Megawatts Ltd developed a membership database for the Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society. As BMDS wanted to expand the use of their new database to assist with their theatre booking needs Megawatts Ltd undertook the task of developing a booking system for their small theatre, Daylesford, and the much larger City Hall Theatre. The system was an instant hit and other organisations wanted to use and expand the capabilities even further so Megawatts Ltd then took the system online. Before long, in 2003, BoxOffice.bm Ltd started in Bermuda servicing the local market for online theater ticket sales. The Boxoffice system has had the benefit of five years of improvements and maturation as it has been battle tested in the Bermuda marketplace, serving clients such as:

  • Bermuda Musical & Drama Society
  • Gilbert & Sullivan Productions
  • Bermuda International Film Festival
  • 20/20 Cricket
  • Liberty & Neptune movie theaters
  • Ross Blackie Charity Golf Tournament
  • Bermuda Festival

This has been a testament to the stability of the technology solution and the team that supports it. In 2009, Express Tickets was granted a license to operate the software developed by Megawatts Ltd. We continues to service the Bermuda market wholeheartedly, rolling new product features.

We are now expanding into the UK and are as excited and nerveous about this as the performers you love seeing when you purchase the tickets.

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